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A mountain bike is more than a construct of dates and numbers.
A mountain bike should come to life in nature.

That's why you are welcome for a test ride at Huhn Cycles.
You can pick your preferred Huhn and we´ll show you some of our favourite trails and views in the fichtelmountains.
Drop us a line and we can talk about your visit and test ride.

You can also rent and ride a Huhn for a weekend on your home trails. Where you know every root and rock by its first name.
The rental for a hometrail weekend costs 120 € and will be credited to the purchase price when you buy a frame within 3 months. Feel free to contact us.

Throughout the year we are represented with our bikes at various test events. Due to Corona, some event dates may still change. Keep an eye on our homepage and social media channels and you will find out in time where there will be the next test event.

E-Mail: info@huhncycles.com
Phone: +49162 / 2922078