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All about love....

passion, traditions, and fun!

Huhn Cycles is our comitted way to share our vision for mountain biking, enjoying the outdoors in a way that is sustainable for our environment and community.
We design, test and manufacture under one roof, in a few spaces that enables an close link between design and manufacturing. Our partners are locally based and true friends. If no local suppliers exist, we’re eager to improve short supply chains. We believe in local production and regardful togetherness.
Each Huhn frame is built for a quality ride in nature, being durable and long-lasting so you can pass it down to your kids, siblings or your favourite newcomer.  

Huhn is a timeless frame.

Hey there my name is Ralf Holleis.
I am a framebuilder in my freetime, mainly driven by the curiosity of how bikes have been built in the past and how technology develops within manufacturing and producing products.  
The aim is to combine those two worlds and bring them together in my builds. Therefore i needed a platform called HUHN cycles, “HUHN” means “chicken”  in my mother tongue and fits perfectly to what these mountainbikes are ... here's why:

Getting dirty is fun, chicken live in the dirt, yet they look very elegant!
Chicken walk forward with their heads up high, while doing so they never loose focus.
Last but not least chickens have the skill to fly for short distances, mountainbikes do the same !

It started 2011 when i built a track bike out of custom layed up carbon tubes bonded together with 3D Printed titanium lugs. Since then i learned a lot f.e. that Mountainbikes are much more usefull compared to trackbikes and that Carbon composites and 2K glue is hazardous waste, impossible to recycle and therefore basically bad for our enviorment.
Mountainbiking is as close as you can get to nature and riding trails on a plastic frame does not feel right, therefore it has to be steel or titanium but still it should look sexy.


This is Felix writing.
My bike history started off much like the majority of village kids, riding around the neighborhood and woods. The huge cycling crush came with my early teens when I was introduced to mountain biking. Over the years I’ve spent time riding rigid v-brake bikes, early enduros, and even doing a bit of road biking and tripping, but I always have a special smile on my face when my tire hits the dirt. I quickly realized working with bikes was a safe bet.

I have spent 15 years as a bike shop mechanic and 6 years as a founder and mountain bike shop owner. In legend, I’ve started Huhn with this crazy glowing but truly honest person Ralf in 2017, launched our name "Huhn", but had to leave the building in 2018, as I focused on my shop.

Fast forward to 2021: Huhn, I’m back.
I wanted to step up my game again, joined Huhn Cycles and a correspondence school. I love wrenching, testing and riding bikes. But I’m also working to built up and bed down a more considerate togetherness in the bike industry. Making supply chains transparent, push worker equity and open up the bike industry to more faces and communities.

I’m an animal friend.